Monday, July 18, 2011

Mini Portrait Project in July 2011 UPDATED

I am going on the road once more for two mini PP trips:

(updated 13:44 24/7/2011)

Paris, FR: 23-26 july 
(in tandem with the big Paris Couchsurfing meeting)

SUNDAY 24 july 18h00-21h00
Cafe Contrescarpe, 57 rue Lacepède, 5ème. Tél: 01 43 36 82 88

MONDAY 25 july 13h00-??
During the CS Picnic de Jour, Champ de Mars


Sardinia, IT: 29 july - 2 august
(in tandem with Here I Stay music festival)

Around the festival grounds in  Pozzo Gal / Arbus / Sardinia


Email me to setup a special PP event in one of these locales.

PP featured in Italian art/music blog, SOUPmagazine

Thanks Marianna Rossi for a great writeup of the Portrait Project in SOUPmag that gives a good peek into the life of a traveling art on the road...questioning and connection.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Paris, France images (June 12-14, 2011)

The Paris portraits are online! Thank you, Sitters 56 thru 65, you know who you are!

Things I won't forget about this trip: chatting about drawing, audio documentaries and lost love at Café Culture Rapide, street fair in Belleville with fabulous Brazilian tranny,  nocturnal catacombs, riding bikes across Paris in the rain at 4am, drawing in front of Shakespeare & Co....

Now only 9 more cities to go.....

Here's what I listen to while I scan:

Couchsurfing love

The Portrait Project and I were featured this morning in the Couch Surfing "Surfers Making Waves" page.

This is great motivation for me to finish scanning and sending out those 60 portraits from the tour!

Thanks so much to Mars for the coverage of the project on the CS page. has been an uncannily good incubator for the idea of a randomized traveling art performance, and I don't think I would have been able to have such an interesting trajectory and sampling of models without CS.

Also a great reason to consider Tour #2---but I'm going to need some help. I need ideas for cities to go to, and I need a sponsor to underwrite my airfare and travel expenses.
Interested?  Ideas? Contact me.