Monday, June 27, 2011

100th portrait!!

I am proud to announce that at 21h00 today on June 26th in Antwerp Belgium I made my 100th portrait.

Thanks so much to all the models that have come before and all those to come...and to answer your questions, I am not stopping with 100.

I created the goal of 100 back in March after the PP concept proved to be viable, and originally set the time limit for the end of summer. Then before the tour started I decided I would aim for 100 before end of June.

Having met my goal I can coast a little bit in the last two days of my trip...tomorrow will be a little  taste of art and fashion in Antwerp coupled with drawing; and then the final day some comics and public sculpture and beers with friends in Brussels before I wake up at 5am the following day to catch my flight back to Marseille.

I have only two more drawing sessions left-- Antwerp on June 27 and Brussels on June 28....and then a long break getting back to the real world back home and repairing all that has become broken or torn during the voyages.

Happy to be spending the last leg in such a beautiful and vibrant place.

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  1. Congratulations on reaching your goal. Not only a beautiful collection of portraits but a significant show of self discipline and dedication.