Thursday, April 28, 2011

Barcelona on April 30th

This Saturday April 30th I am holding a massive Portrait Project marathon session in Parc Ciutadella in Barcelona, Spain.

From 11am - 8pm, I will be in front of the waterfall at Parc de la Ciutadella, on the triangular patch of grass. Peek at the Park Map and look for #11, "cascada".

I anticipate drawing 12-14 portraits on this day.

Spectators are welcome to come and watch and drink champagne and be fabulous like the scene in Fando y Lis where they set fire in a ruined cemetery in Mexico. Photographers and media are welcome too, I like a show.

I will then proceed to have a drink, possibly with some of my models.

The following morning I will get on an early flight to Madrid where I will attend the Mayday parade and maybe do a last minute Portrait Project in a cafe or park (to be announced).

Then I will go back to Marseille where I will eat a 2 Euro sandwich and drink a demi pression at Les Maraichers, Champ de Mars, or both.

Where the portraits are

To see all the portrait images sorted by series, go to my Flickr Portrait Project Collection.

Hello world!

Obligatory first blank post. Yes this blog is alive!