Monday, July 18, 2011

Mini Portrait Project in July 2011 UPDATED

I am going on the road once more for two mini PP trips:

(updated 13:44 24/7/2011)

Paris, FR: 23-26 july 
(in tandem with the big Paris Couchsurfing meeting)

SUNDAY 24 july 18h00-21h00
Cafe Contrescarpe, 57 rue Lacepède, 5ème. Tél: 01 43 36 82 88

MONDAY 25 july 13h00-??
During the CS Picnic de Jour, Champ de Mars


Sardinia, IT: 29 july - 2 august
(in tandem with Here I Stay music festival)

Around the festival grounds in  Pozzo Gal / Arbus / Sardinia


Email me to setup a special PP event in one of these locales.

PP featured in Italian art/music blog, SOUPmagazine

Thanks Marianna Rossi for a great writeup of the Portrait Project in SOUPmag that gives a good peek into the life of a traveling art on the road...questioning and connection.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Paris, France images (June 12-14, 2011)

The Paris portraits are online! Thank you, Sitters 56 thru 65, you know who you are!

Things I won't forget about this trip: chatting about drawing, audio documentaries and lost love at Café Culture Rapide, street fair in Belleville with fabulous Brazilian tranny,  nocturnal catacombs, riding bikes across Paris in the rain at 4am, drawing in front of Shakespeare & Co....

Now only 9 more cities to go.....

Here's what I listen to while I scan:

Couchsurfing love

The Portrait Project and I were featured this morning in the Couch Surfing "Surfers Making Waves" page.

This is great motivation for me to finish scanning and sending out those 60 portraits from the tour!

Thanks so much to Mars for the coverage of the project on the CS page. has been an uncannily good incubator for the idea of a randomized traveling art performance, and I don't think I would have been able to have such an interesting trajectory and sampling of models without CS.

Also a great reason to consider Tour #2---but I'm going to need some help. I need ideas for cities to go to, and I need a sponsor to underwrite my airfare and travel expenses.
Interested?  Ideas? Contact me.

Monday, June 27, 2011

PP in Bruxelles / Brussels, Belgium - 28 June, 2011

This is the last stop on the tour, and I'm hoping to reach 110 portraits by the end of it. Come see me before I go for a little portrait pause!

TUESDAY 28 June 2011
Le Cercle des Voyageurs
Rue des Grands Carmes, 18 - 1000 Bruxelles

100th portrait!!

I am proud to announce that at 21h00 today on June 26th in Antwerp Belgium I made my 100th portrait.

Thanks so much to all the models that have come before and all those to come...and to answer your questions, I am not stopping with 100.

I created the goal of 100 back in March after the PP concept proved to be viable, and originally set the time limit for the end of summer. Then before the tour started I decided I would aim for 100 before end of June.

Having met my goal I can coast a little bit in the last two days of my trip...tomorrow will be a little  taste of art and fashion in Antwerp coupled with drawing; and then the final day some comics and public sculpture and beers with friends in Brussels before I wake up at 5am the following day to catch my flight back to Marseille.

I have only two more drawing sessions left-- Antwerp on June 27 and Brussels on June 28....and then a long break getting back to the real world back home and repairing all that has become broken or torn during the voyages.

Happy to be spending the last leg in such a beautiful and vibrant place.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

PP in Antwerpen - June 27, 2011

Come see me in Antwerp/Anvers for a portrait!

MONDAY June 27, 2011 
(the famous) De Muze Jazzcafe
Melmarkt 15
2000 Antwerpen

You can call me at +33 6 49 17 50 62 if lost.

Evening: by appointment only, email me.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

PP in Ljubljana - 23 June, 2011 (RAIN UPDATE)

I'm so excited to see Ljubljana in the summertime...there will be two opportunities to meet me and get your portrait drawn:

Thursday June 23, 2011

Picnic and getting to know you (and portraits)
Tivoli Park, Reading Island (Knjižnica pod krošnjami)

15h00-19h00 CONFIRMED
Galeria Mizzart
AKC Metelkova Mesto

My plans for June 24 are tentative, if you have ideas, email me

PP in Zagreb - 22 June, 2011

Dear Zagreb, I love you and your parks and shady walkways and young lively energy. I want to draw your people! Come for a portrait!

Portrait Project Afternoon in the Park
Wednesday June 22, 2011
Zrinjevac park
Zagreb, Croatia

Look for me in a black dress and white sandals next to the gazebo/pavilion

Call +33 6 49 17 50 62 if lost

Sunday, June 19, 2011

PP Budapest - June 20, 2011

Freshly arrived in Budapest, I am staying on the Buda part of town.

I have set up an exclusive portrait party but readers of my blog are invited also, email marianne.goldin AT with your name and phone number to get the address for the event:

Monday June 20, 2011 19h00 until 01h00
Private residence in Buda
Budapest, Hungary

Saturday, June 18, 2011

PP in Bratislava - 18 June, 2011

Portraits in BRATISLAVA Slovakia on this Sarurday:
14h00 until19h00
Cafe Jules Verne
(Hviezdoslavovo Namestie 18, Bratislava)

And after 21h00 at:
U Dezmara, Klarinska 1, Bratislava

Thursday, June 16, 2011

PP in Rome - 16, 17 June 2011

I spent all of Wednesday seeing Rome for the first time and verifying that it wasn't built in a day, and then finishing off the day with some delivious food in Palestrina at the lovely and designy Taberna.
"Work" on the PP in Rome, alas, starts on Thursday.

I'll be available for portraits as follows:

Thursday 16/6
After 13:00h at the RomaEuropa Festival
via dei Magazzini Generali 20/a
Roma, Italia

Friday 17/6
Morning before 12:00h
By appointment at Gente Bar San Lorenzo
Via Degli Aurunci 42- 48 
Roma, Italia

To schedule some time, text or call me at:
(French number): 0033 6 49 17 50 62

I will have sporradic but limited access to email throughout these days. And then I'm leaving Rome on the afternoon of 17/6 to go to my next tour stop--Bratislava.

Monday, June 13, 2011

PP in Paris, Tuesday June 14 2011 - RAIN ALERT

RAIN ALERT!! (14 JUNE 06h00)

======original event post:========
Come have your portrait drawn in Paris!

Tuesday, 14 June 2011
Jardin du Luxembourg (5eme) 
Paris, France

Find me by the Venus statue (#26 on Park Map
She's by the octagonal "Bassin" in front of the Palais de Luxembourg, between the statues of Minerva and Amphitrite, and opposite the statue of David.

"First come first served"

PP in Paris #1, Monday 13 June 2011

I just set up this session, come by!

PP in Paris
Monday 13 June, 2011
Culture Rapide
103 Rue Julien-Lacroix
75020 Paris

"First come first served"

I look like this:

Sunday, June 12, 2011

What I take on tour

In a few hours I'm about to go catch a train (I'm terrible about packing at the last minute) and I wanted to share with you the "cannot live without this" items that I am taking on the PP Summer 2011 tour:

1.  The Sak shoulder bag - has been surgically attached to me since I moved to France last September. It fits an A4 size pad of paper and everything else and still looks nice and can be worn in front to prevent theft by moped riders. And it's my favorite color and the leather still looks nice after traveling non-stop for many months.

2. and 3. Refill cartridges for my Kaimei brush pens -  These were $6/10 which is sort of unbelievable but I did have to ship them from the US since I couldn't find any European store that sells them.

 4. and 5. Kaimei Brush pens - long and short  -  I started PP with the long pen back in March (thanks to the awesome Jason T Miles who gifted it to me and thus unknowingly changed my life) but I've drawn with it so much for the project that it has lost the fine-ness in its tip. Maybe I'm not doing something right with brush care--suggestions are welcome! Well, I bought a back-up Kaimei in the small blue enamel size, which will be my fine detail-only pen

6.  Any ol' art pencil for sketching faces before I ink them. I should care but I don't even remember the lead type for this one.

7. Any ol' white art gum eraser for erasin' stuff after I don't want it anymore (usually I do this at home before I scan the portraits but you never know on the road)

8. My beloved Muji square face watch for telling time and making sure it doesn't run away from me as 5 people are queued up for their portrait

9. Extending combo lock that is permanently stuck on a combination I don't know [on accident I swear] and therefore attached to my bag until I go to a hardware store and have the nice man cut this thing off with his big cutter. Since the cable still extends and retracts, however, it has come in handy for locking my bag to things in train stations and hostels. However when I walk, it hangs off my backpack and sometimes hits people and/things as it swings side to side. I can't decide if the utility is worth it...

10. MEI Voyageur bag - one of the most expensive bags I have ever bought, yes, but worth its weight in gold. I recommend this to anyone who wants to backpack in cities and in rural places...mostly cities though.  How many moments I have shared with this bag! In the Geneva airport, in the Tel Aviv Ha'Hagana train station, in Zurich, everywhere!

11. Fake Rayban glasses with real seein' eye lenses from Zenni Optical. My vision started going downhill several years ago from all the computer screen action and Power Point presentations so now I wear glasses to see far away or just to see faces well. These are quite cheap but a total knock off (they have little gold stars in front) but they look somewhat hip and do the trick.

12. Model release forms in various languages. Because I'm a paranoid artist and I want to publish publish publish!! Oh yes and pens to sign these things with.

13. French prepaid phone for tracking down people, answering texts with "yes"  and "ok" and "OK come anyway" and using up way too much credit in foreign (non French) countries.

14. Acid-free Bristol paper in A4 size, any brand. And any size really, but this is the size that fits best on my scanner. I also sometimes draw on toothy, thick drawing paper but I find that my gestures look best on this paper's smooth finish.

15. Cardboard folder - In France you really have your pick of these folders and my favorite color combination is grey paper with red elastic. I like to sort my portraits and release forms in these.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

PP in Paris 12-14 June

I'm coming to Paris on Sunday morning, arriving at the ripe morning hour of 10:45am after riding the rails from Marseille.

Cancelled due to conflict with another private event:

On Monday June 13th I will be drawing at this:

Culture Rapide
63 Rue de Belleville, 19eme

20h00-21h00: MC Calmus, Poèmes et Chroniques
21h30-00h30: Spoken Word, Scène ouverte anglais-français animée par David.
Performance poetry. Lire Vivant. Poésie sonore. Stand up. Monologue

(I'll be there from a little before 20h00 until close)
I'm playing Paris by ear so stay tuned for other events in parks, cafés and/or squats.As always I welcome suggestions and invites.

All about the Portrait Project (press kit + model resources)

For the sake of efficiency for all potential models or venue organizers, here's a copy of my "modus operandi" for sessions of the Portrait Project:

I am an American visual artist who wants to draw and meet new people.

You can check out my website at:

I am holding a series of live portraiture events in Europe in order to chronicle the dynamism of the traveler community. This is a cash-free project with an emphasis on exchange (verbal and nonverbal) between the model and the artist.

The first five events have taken place over March-April in France and Spain; see the results here: Portrait Project Image Collection

Each drawing session will be very informal, and will take about 45 minutes all together. It will take about 30-40 minutes for me to draw your portrait and the rest of the time can be used to get settled, get to know each other etc. You need to be able to sit relatively (but not perfectly) still and you can take breaks whenever you like.

I will need you to sign a basic model release saying that I can publish drawings of your face (but not your name or contact info) to my website or in an art show.

I will keep the originals of the drawings but if you like, I will scan and email a digital file of the image to you for free.

Please tell your friends in the area about this project!

Looking forward to drawing you!


Marianne Goldin
Mission statement (in 7 languages)

The Traveling Portrait Project

  1. EN: Making the world a little smaller through shared creative experience and exchange between artist and model.
  2. FR: Rendre le monde plus proche grâce à des expériences  créatives partagés et d’échange entre l’artiste et le modèle.
  3. IT: Rendere il mondo un po ‘più piccolo attraverso l’esperienza creativa e di scambio tra artista e modello.
  4. ES: Hacer el mundo un poco más pequeño a través de las experiencias compartidas y el intercambio creativo entre el artista y el modelo.
  5. DE: Die Welt ein wenig kleiner durch gemeinsame kreative Erfahrung und den Austausch zwischen Künstler und Modell.
  6. HR: Čineći ga svijet manje kroz zajedničko kreativno iskustvo i razmjenu između umjetnika i modela.
  7. RU: Cокращение мира через общие творческие испытание и обмены между художником и моделью.

Model releases:


Model survey:


Thursday, June 9, 2011

Portrait Project at the BJCEM??

Later this year, Marseille will be represented in the 15th BJCEM (Biennale des Jeunes Créateurs d'Europe et de la Méditerranée) taking place in Thessaloniki, Greece. There's a loose theme of "Symbiosis" which attempts to unify the Mediterranean [increasingly border-agnostic] community through the work of young creatives.

I've just submitted a proposal to include the Portrait Project in the Visual Arts category. Only one artist will be picked (out of about 55 candidates) for this category, so wish me luck.

While I don't want to count my chickens before they're hatched, this is the first time I've really had to put pen to paper and conceptualize what I am trying to do with the PP as an "artistic effort".  Keep in mind that the project started as a way to create "automatic art" and for the simple reason of drawing more frequently and getting to know people. At the same time, simplicity in the mind of the artist without sufficient explanation to their audience leads to disinterest. In this vein, I would like to share with you my submitted statement of intent. I've provided both the original French version and its English translation.


"Symbiosis": a mutually beneficial association of two living things. Isn't this also the relationship between artist and audience, the artist and subject, art and its experience? My work addresses the theme of bidirectionality between model and the "director" (the artist). I ask: who directs the work? Who creates representation?

The Portrait Project revolves around artistic events organized using the website and artistic social networks in European cities, notably those along the Mediterranean (Marseille, Barcelona, Rome, Zagreb, Pula, Ljubljana). It is thus that I select a place accessible by the public (park, cafe, living room salon) and invite people I don't know to sit for a portrait with me. I don't oblige any philosophy or artistic statement, rather seeking simply to draw portraits and meet new people. I spend 30-45 minutes per portrait, taking my time to interact with the model during the session.  Afterwards I send a copy of the portrait to the model and keep the original, which I publish online as a growing collection. From March to May 2011 I have already organized five events and made 55 drawings. My goal is to complete at least 100 drawings before July 2011, with other drawings being completed "ad hoc" throughout August and September.

June 2011 will be devoted to touring this project: I will reproduce these
events in Paris, Rome, Bratislava, Budapest, Zagreb / Pula, Ljubljana and Brussels; with a focus on Mediterranean cities (Rome, Zagreb / Pula, Ljubljana) as well as the major cultural and political capitals (Paris, Brussels, Budapest, Bratislava). I propose to present the "results" (100 portraits) accompanied by interviews and questionnaires given to models after their poses. All 100 portraits will be presented together in one frame (a rectangle of 10x10 A4-sized images) measuring about 220cmx300cm total, and weighing 3-5kg depending on framing.

For many of my models this is their first portrait, which is often drawn in the presence of a small group of observers. Several questions thus arise: Is there a link created between people who come to be drawn, and of what sort? Does the model reflect on those that have come before him/her? How is the ego affected when we see ourselves represented in (very subjective) drawn format among so many others?

Costanza Paissan (curator, MACRO) addressed [in the call to artists] the perception of distance between European communities, the "apparently insurmountable" obstacles despite the proximity of the affected spaces. I propose bridging these distances through the creation of sustained shared experiences between two people, an interaction I find to be the most effective in cultivating a deep exchange within the realm of the personal. I want to spark an intense but fleeting intimacy with each model: a moment that can make the world smaller in its repetition.


« Symbiose », une association mutuellement avantageuse de deux êtres vivants.
En fait, n’est-ce pas la relation clé entre l’artiste et son public; l’artiste et son sujet,
l’art et son expérience? Mon travail aborde le thème de la bidirectionnalité entre le
modèle et le réalisateur (l’artiste). Je pose la question: qui dirige l’œuvre? Qui crée la

Le projet de portrait s’articule autour d’événements artistiques organisées grâce au réseau social de et d’autres réseaux artistiques dans les villes Européennes, surtout Méditerranées (Marseille, Barcelone, Rome, Zagreb, Pula, Ljubljana) . Ainsi je m’installe dans un lieu accessible par le public (parc, café, salon) et j’invite des étrangers à se faire dresser un portrait devant moi. Je ne leur expose aucune motivation ou philosophie, je cherche simplement à dessiner ces portraits et faire des rencontres. Je mets trente à quarante-cinq minutes par portrait , car je prends le temps de m’intéresser au modèle. Ensuite, j’envoie une copie du portrait au modèle (gardant l’original) puis je publie toutes les images dans une collection Web. Depuis mars-mai 2011 j’ai déjà organisé cinq événements et réalisé cinquante-cinq dessins. Mon but est d’atteindre au moins 100 dessins avant juillet 2011, avec autres dessins à venir « ad hoc » plus tard en août et septembre.

Le mois de juin 2011 sera consacré à ce projet; je vais reproduire ces événements à Paris, Rome, Bratislava, Budapest, Zagreb / Pula, Ljubljana et Bruxelles. Je mets l’accent sur la Méditerranée (Rome, Zagreb / Pula, Ljubljana), ainsi que les grandes capitales culturelles et politiques (Paris, Bruxelles, Budapest, Bratislava). Je propose d’exposer les « résultats » (100 portraits) accompagnés par des entretiens et des questionnaires posés aux modèles après la pose. Tous les 100 portraits présentés ensemble dans un seul encadrement (un rectangle de 10x10 images) occupent environ 220cmx300cm, poids selon l’encadrement, au moins 3-5kg.

Pour la plupart des personnes dessinées, c’est leur premier portrait, souvent réalisé en petit comité. Plusieurs questions émergent : Est-ce qu’un lien se crée entre les personnes qui viennent se faire dessiner, et de quelle nature est-il? Imaginent-t-ils que d’autres étaient à leur place avant? Comment l’ego est-il affecté quand on se voit représenté en dessin parmi les autres?

Costanza Paissan (curateur, MACRO) s’interrogeait sur la distance ressentie entre les communautés [dans l'appel aux artistes]. Ces obstacles « apparemment insurmontables » malgré la proximité de ces communautés Européennes concernées. Je propose de rapprocher ces distances grâce à des expériences partagés à deux, manière selon moi la plus efficace pour créer un échange personnel approfondie, dans un espace particulier. Je vise à susciter une intimité intense mais éphémère avec chaque modèle; un moment qui peut rendre le monde très proche dans sa répétition.

PP Summer 2011 Europe tour --preliminary schedule

Extra extra!

The Portrait Project 2011 Summer tour starts next week:

Paris, FRANCE (June 12-14)
Rome, ITALY (June 15-17)
Bratislava, SLOVAKIA (June 18)
Budapest, HUNGARY (June 19-20)
Zagreb, CROATIA (June 21-22)
Ljublana, SLOVENIA (June 23-24)
Brussels, BELGIUM (June 25-26)
Antwerp, BELGIUM (June 27-28)

I'm still accepting invitations: to set up an event near one of these locations, send me a line.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Thank you Barcelona!

A brief note to thanks all who came for the portrait project in Barcelona and those who expressed interest. I had an overwhelming amount of models interested in the project (30+) and I am sorry I could only accommodate 10...never the less I am looking forward to coming back to BCN to do another session in the future.

I'll post the scans of the BCN images soon.

If you want to invite me to your city to do the project, email me.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Barcelona on April 30th

This Saturday April 30th I am holding a massive Portrait Project marathon session in Parc Ciutadella in Barcelona, Spain.

From 11am - 8pm, I will be in front of the waterfall at Parc de la Ciutadella, on the triangular patch of grass. Peek at the Park Map and look for #11, "cascada".

I anticipate drawing 12-14 portraits on this day.

Spectators are welcome to come and watch and drink champagne and be fabulous like the scene in Fando y Lis where they set fire in a ruined cemetery in Mexico. Photographers and media are welcome too, I like a show.

I will then proceed to have a drink, possibly with some of my models.

The following morning I will get on an early flight to Madrid where I will attend the Mayday parade and maybe do a last minute Portrait Project in a cafe or park (to be announced).

Then I will go back to Marseille where I will eat a 2 Euro sandwich and drink a demi pression at Les Maraichers, Champ de Mars, or both.

Where the portraits are

To see all the portrait images sorted by series, go to my Flickr Portrait Project Collection.

Hello world!

Obligatory first blank post. Yes this blog is alive!